Alpari Fx-Pro Trading Strategy

Since the level of profit earned per trade can be small, many traders seek out more liquid markets to increase the frequency of their trades. A popular 60-second option trading strategy involves detecting the moment a price clearly rebounds, against either an identifiable resistance or support level. Receive a free $10,000 DEMO today, and try the V-Bounce strategy!  


Role of  Support and Resistance

Support and resistance (S&R) is a key factor in trading with Alpari Fx-Pro

Once a price reaches pre-determined support or resistance levels, traders are able to mark the zone as a “bounce or break spot”.

There are various ways for Alpari Fx-Pro

traders to identify the support and resistance zone (testing the usefulness of their S&R identification is important).

Many elements can be considered as support and resistance; here is a list with a few examples:

  1. Tops and bottoms.
  2. Trend lines.
  3. Trend channels.
  4. Fibonacci retracements.
  5. Fibonacci targets and extensions.
  6. Chart patterns.


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